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I reviewed my organization last week-end in light of the experience of those past weeks. Time will tell if this iteration help me improve, however I have a good feeling about it. I simplified it, keeping my focus on my professional practice while not neglecting the well-being of my couple. On another topic, I wrote about Bloc Thinking for the first time on LinkedIn. The reception was pretty positive, so this is an experience to renew.

Those two updates aside, let's come back to my Flask practice.

Progress Check: 1/4

I completed two chapters since my last note. Finished the last items of the chapter 5 on User Logins and completed the chapter 6 on Profile Page and Avatars. I updated my Flask Notebook as always with my highlights. I am going to a more concise style on recent items. My end goal is to use those notes as a quick reminder tool, my own cheat-sheet, when it comes to Flask.

What I did:

  • Logout function
  • Requiring user to login
  • Prevent malicious attacks on redirect
  • Creating a registration page
  • Create user profile page
  • Add avatar
  • Manage sub-templates
  • Let the user edit profile information

Future Tasks

Last week after a discussion with Grinkers, we highlighted my work plan for the coming weeks. It is something I will have to manage in parallel with the core Flask knowledge I am acquiring. Here is the gist of it:

  • Create a run.py file for somebody to run it in one step.
  • Access data from the terminal. Telnet, JS, Python etc. Right now, I am building a front-end base framework but I need my users to be able to access those data directly.
  • Create routes to @lobby and @join
  • Take into account the effects of Long Polling. What would would happen if tokens expire during a long poll?
  • Set-up on AWS, Docker
  • Extract analytics

I have to admit that I felt quite overwhelmed after that discussion. At the same time though, I am advancing at a correct rhythm since I was able to commit consistent effort. So yeah, moving forward 🚀.

Cool commands learned

Not a command, but with jinja2.exceptions.TemplateSyntaxError issues, to debug, instead of commenting it is necessary to delete the doubtful code. I lost at least an hour trying to fix an issue and I realize that commenting wasn't taken in account by the Jinja engine 😩.

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