What of this website?

An issue has appeared this morning.

I want to take notes about my Linux switch so I don't repeat the same mistakes when I do it again. The same can be told about all the stuff I try to do really.

To perfom that task, on macOS I enjoy Bear and IA Writer as my notes/script writing tools of choice. However both are not available on Linux and they don't have any cloud offering as of now[1]Both plan to do it though.

So I thought, well, I need an cross-platform text editor, with code highlighting, easy navigation and tagging abilities, what's available to me? I remembered about this notebook that I initially set-up with a lot of ambition. It finally withered over the pression to publish something interesting.

I realized that adopting this, I could solve other problems I faced and kill multiple birds with one stone.

  • Being alone most of the working day, I don't have the ability to share or talk about what I do professionally and I easily forget how important this is. I tried to start using Twitter more but I have no idea if I will follow through at that point. This notebook can be a controlled-space for me to do so.
  • I wanted to get used to write more. After all, that's a key part of my skillset and being out of a corporation didn't improve it. I will write no novels here, but it will put me in the right mindset.

Sharing my personal note is not something easy. I might look ignorant most of the time but, at last, it's ok. I care less about looking being stupid and it is going to be key in my ability to can improve.

  1. Both plan to do it though. ↩︎

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