Test and Pagination

Small update about my progress. I spent time on data models, unit testing and pagination. Implementation of features are becoming more and more natural at this point. That's the time I finally feel comfortable to implement in parallel something production-friendly. Which means allocating more time time on learning AWS and friends.

What I did:

  • Database Advanced Queries: Joins, Filters, Sorting, Union, Join
  • Unit testing
  • Pagination

Cool commands learned

  • Flake8 is the linter I use. To install it:
python -m pip install -U flake8

Then, in VS Studio:

"python.linting.enabled": true,
"python.linting.flake8Enabled": true,
"python.linting.pylintEnabled": false,
  • With Flask and SQLAlchemy, the error alembic.util.CommandError: Target database is not up to date. is due to the fact that SQLite does not support renaming columns.
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