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This week was actually my first focusing on what is going to become my normal routine. For the sake of transparency, I will go here into the detail of it.

I will start with the professional aspect as it is the purpose of this journal.

A. Professional Life

I have three main professional challenges to address:

  1. Become a complete developer
  2. Strenghten my design skills
  3. Build my brand

The time-allocation going to look like this: ratio-1

A.1. Become a complete developer

I have to be able to prototype whatever I want in the future, web or native mobile.

The task is going to be the most challenging as I will walk on grounds I barely touched yet. Backend web development with a focus on security and fast redeployment. Native iOS and Android development.

I started by studying iOS development and I will soon start to study Python in parallel.

A.2. Strenghten my design skills

To tackle the problems I want to solve in design, a focus on AR/VR and conversational UX is necessary.

There is so much to learn on those topics. Linguistic, 3D Design and Engines, AR/VR Design. Plus all the other areas of my design practice won't magically stop evolving.

I am now involved in a side-project including design thinking, UX and high-fidelity UI. I will use that to systemize my design process and strengthen my core knowledge. Starting Blender tutorials is pretty much the next concrete step.

A.3. Build my brand

I want people to see me as not only a specialist but someone who start discussions and engage an audience. Becoming a specialist in starts with having an updated and rock-solid portfolio. I need to get out there and create and present high-quality content.

That means that I need to better understand branding, sales and growth-marketing. In parallel learning to produce multimedia content is going to be something new and fun. Finally, working on my elocution is also going to be part of the package.

I already began this journey thanks to my dear friend Werner. We will soon launch together a design-centric podcast so stay tuned.

B. Personal Life

It is out of question for me to repeat errors from the past. Creating is a craft of passion for me but also expose a lot of vulnerability, I finally have some self-awareness about this.

Instead of work/life balance, I prefer to talk about profesional and personal sphere. I create, work hard and have genuine fun in both spheres. However I don't stay under the hammer of judgment in the personal one. The impact on my mental and physical health is huge.

My plan is to focus between 60 and 70 hours a week on the professional sphere and never more. I want to focus the reminder of my awaken time on personal skills and passions, improving my health and spending quality time with family.balanceI won't plan like in the previous chapter the detail of the time spent on those personal moments. I only need to know that I will have time saved for the people and activities that I enjoy. Knowing that brings me hapiness and peace of mind.

When you repeat a mistake, it is not a mistake anymore: it is a decision ~Paulo Coelho

Growing up I went from one extreme to the other. From researching serendipity to overwhelming monitoring of my time and activities. All because I wanted to fulfill the unrealistic expectations I set for myself. I tried to cheat on time and harmed myself in the process.

It's time to have fun again.

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