Migration Day

I am downsizing from a late 2015 15" i7 2.5GHz with 16/512 to a late 2016 13" i5 2Ghz with 8/256.

That wasn't something I initially planned as I hoped to buy-back my 15" that is leased by my company but it didn't work out. After a lot of hesitation, I decided to buy the cheapest "good enough" option. I didn't see the point of investing more on the current generation, considering my short-term needs and my current budget.

Consequently, I am trying to use best-practices and properly document my installation process, as it is something I will repeat in the future.

Thanks to that process, I am rediscovering the power of homebrew. That tool is awesome. I even switched my font management to it which is something I really wasn't expecting this morning. Little victories are sweet too.

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