It's Happening!

The Logging Form Quest ✅

Or at least, I created a functional form login that uses tokens using the Flask-WTF package.


Now there is nothing behind, but it manages form validations, POST method and url generation. Very happy about that! I updated my Flask notes to reflect some of that. It's on my GitHub.

The next step now is to link all of that to a database, as for now I use mock content.

What I did:

  • Loop statement with the for control structure in templates
  • Template inheritance
  • Concept of extensions in Flask
  • Saving configuration variables in application
  • Importance of SECRET_KEY
  • Form user login, templates, views & validation status
  • URL generation

Finishing this week podcast

I will probably be the longuest episode. It was a great discussion and we recorded too much content. There is a lesson to be learned here for our next recording.
On a related topic I didn't find any tool enabling to edit out automatically long syllables and hesitation sounds. It actually strange to me that such a tool doesn't exist and I wonder how feasible it would be to create one as the shape of those sounds is really similar.

Cool commands used

Visual Code Studio: ALT + Z : toggle word wrap, which is actually very practical on a limited screen.

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