Yet another design tool to test, and that one position itself as the One, no less than that.

It seems that the InVision Studio trailer took the design world by a storm. The associated thread on Designer News is a wild but interesting read for instance.

From what this video shows, InVision Studio doesn't provide anything new. They instead conveniently packaged all the tools we use in a web-based, cross-platform UI.

For those of you not knowing the design trends, InVision (minus Studio) is today a leading web-based collaboration platform. They enable designers, their team and their clients to collaborate on screens. It gives the ability to not only gather your screens but also link, annotate, animate or comment them.

The pricing is transparen and the company is corporate friendly. They also do a lot when it comes to design and user experience evangelization.

I see Figma and UXPin as prime competitor for this new tool, as they are also web-based. My main interrogation for this kind of tool, specially with the proposed feature list, is performance. Figma went through lengths to provide an enjoyable experience. Hopefully I will be able to put my hands on the preview version soon.