I messed up and that's a great thing

Today, I broke a lot of stuff and not all was on purpose.

Updating (Breaking) Ghost

I didn't update my instance of Ghost, the CMS that I use to publish this blog, since months. I thought it was more than time to do it today. One apt upgrade and ghost upgrade later, the fate of my morning was decided.

I spent most of the morning fixing this very notebook/blog. It was a great source of practice. I read logs, researched resources, restored snapshots, isolated probable causes.

That prepares myself to the moment when I will finally customize the front-end of this website.

Adding Error Handling (Breaking) Flask

Continuing my Flask studies, I practiced how to manage Error Handling. Before today, I only knew basic error handling from JavaScript. What I did went way beyond and I can see how it can help solves otherwise nightmarish issues.

What I did:

  • Activate Debug Mode
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Sending Errors by Email
  • Logging to a File
  • Fixing duplicate bug

Element Talks & Webinar

We interviewed today for Bloc Thinking Paulina Kacprzak and Olga Rafalska who are the co-founders of Element Talks, a two-day design conference organized in Warsaw the 16th and 17th of June. I will very probably go as it will be a great way to spend time with my friend Werner, meet cool people, do some live interviews and be in a different environment.

I also joined a short webinar from David Kadavy about Creative Blocks and it was a good investment in time. I liked the way he presented his concepts and how applicable his advice were.

As I am focused into learning backend and ops, I don't practice design. Short events like this one and the podcast are helping me to stay in touch with that field and that's a good thing too.

Cool commands learned

Well, surprise, most of them are related to the Ghost installation, but not only.

  • Don't play with Ghost in root folks. You can't update anyway the app with the root user.

  • If you use the Ghost CLI like most people, it's critical to have it updated before proceeding with a ghost update

npm i -g ghost-cli
  • The command ghost run will give you more detailed information in the running log than ghost start

  • To view the journal log of the last Ghost events

journalctl -u ghost_yourdomain-com -n 50
  • Useful folders: default Ghost install at /var/www/ghost and default nginx conf files at /etc/nginx/
  • To restart nginx
/etc/init.d/nginx restart
#service nginx restart possible
  • To restart a machine via an interactive terminal session, you need first to enable it
systemctl enable poweroff.target
  • To know which ports your machine is listening to :
netstat -plnt

Fun Stuff

In things I wasn't expecting to discover but make total sense, an art-focused MMO would be pretty high. Thanks to Freakhill for that link 🐱!

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