Flask-Mail & Interview Prep

I spent some time today to review what was possible to do with Virtual Box snapshot. I was mainly confused by the "delete" state which is actually a merge. Interesting choice of vocabulary.

When it comes to Flask, I finished the overview of Flask-Mail by implementing the token module. Any user can now reset their password in a secure way. One of the highlight of the day was discovery of asynchronous requests. This way I can put processes in a thread so they don't overlap and kill my machine :<

What I did:

  • Virtual Box Stuff
  • Finishing Flask-Mail service
  • Implementing asynchronous mail sending

Next Interview

Friday we interview Hubert Turiaj who is the founder of Edisonda, one of the most important UX Design agency in Poland. They have clients such has ING, ABB or Goodyear. Pretty excited by this one as Hubert started his venture from scratch. I prepared the interview script this morning and tried to be as thorough as I could in my questions. We want to refocus in providing values in our interview, not only sharing a good time with folks. I hope it will reflect on that episode.

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